Our Staff

Kory Barber – He has been a licensed barber since 2013. He specializes in traditional and modern hair styles. He enjoys working with his clients to give them the best haircuts and facial hair service that makes them feel good and look there best, from there first ever haircut to there last one.
Kimberly Gosnell – has been a cosmetologist since 2012. Kim specializes in makeovers
(hair, nails & makeup), makeup & fantasy makeup, nail design (including children) progressive cuts & color. She also does manicures, pedicures, acrylic nails & Shellac.
Chris Michocki — has been a licensed nail technician since 1989 and has worked for The Plaza since 1996. She specializes in acrylic nails, manicures and pedicures. Chris prefers to “full sculpt” when applying a full set of nail extensions and all filing and shaping of nail enhancements is done by hand.
Kathy Segall — has worked for The Plaza since 1996. She has 40 years experience in the cosmetology profession. She specializes in haircuts, color and roller sets for the senior clientele that she enjoys working with.
Bonnie Yearty — holds a full cosmetology license and has 18 years of experience working with men, women and children. Bonnie has been with The Plaza Hairstyling Salon for her entire career. Her expertise is in hair cuts, color, perms, foil or board highlights, acrylic nails, manicures and pedicures.
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