Our Services


Color & Perms

Women’s Cut $25.00 Standard Perms $75.00 & up
Men’s Cut $15.00 Designer Perms $100.00 & Up
Clipper Cut $12.00 Root Color $50.00
Neck Trim $6.00 Root Color w/Cut $70.00
Shampoo $6.00 Full Foil $90.00
Shampoo & Blow-dry $25.00 Full Foil w/Cut $110.00
Shampoo, Blow-dry & Curl $30.00 Partial Foil (up to 15 foils) $70.00
Shampoo, Cut & Blow-dry $35.00 Partial Foil w/Cut $80.00
Shampoo, Cut,  Blow-dry & Curl $45.00 Individual Foils (up to 10 foils) $5.00 each
Shampoo Set $23.00 Highlights w/Cap $55.00 & up
Shampoo, Cut & Set (Rollers) $45.00 Highlights w/Cap & Cut $80.00
Add Conditioner $5.00 Additional color added to any above process $20.00
Keratin Treatments$ 300.00 & up Lo-lights $10.00 per color

Long Hair Charges

2 inches below shoulder $10.00 Mid-back or longer $20.00


Eyebrows $10.00 Full Face $30.00

Nail Services

Manicure $20.00 Pink & White Full Set $60.00
Pedicure $35.00 Backfill $35.00
Shellac/Gel Polish Manicure $30.00 Gel Polish on Acrylics + $5.00
Shellac/Gel Polish Removal with re-app. $5.00 Regular Polish Change $7.00
Shellac/Gel Polish Removal alone $15.00 Buff & Polish $15.00
Full Set Acrylics $50.00
Fill-in Acrylics $32.00
Weekly Fill-in $20.00
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