Plaza Hairstyling Salon

bigstockphoto_Beautiful_Brunette_Portrait_911652Customer satisfaction is our number one goal!

We cater to everyone, whether it’s baby’s first hair cut, perms, color, highlights, an up-do for the prom, a bridal party that wants the works, Grandma’s shampoo and set, manicure, pedicure, acrylic nails and facial waxing.The Plaza Hairstyling Salon is a full service salon located in  Beach, Florida. We offer a full variety of services including:

Haircuts ○ Color ○ Highlighting ○ Perms ○ Manicures ○ Pedicures ○ Sculptured Nails ○ Shellac ○ Waxingj0401151sm

j0438733smOur staff is dedicated to providing a friendly, non-competitive environment where you can relax and socialize while receiving the services you desire in a timely manner.

Make an appointment and you’ll wonder why you never came in before!

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